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Wolfberger's history : from the vineyards of Alsace to the tables of the world !

The history of Wolfberger begins over a century ago. In 1902, winegrowers in the village of Eguisheim decided to join forces to create one of the first cooperatives in Alsace.


United as one, pioneers in their field, they are continually innovating in order to ensure the development of the cellar and to preserve the typicity and quality of their wines. They were among the first to launch the AOC Alsace Crémant under the name crowning their success: Wolfberger. Today Wolfberger is a major player in the Alsace wine landscape, in France and around the world.


Wolfberger today

The Wolfberger Winery is one of the biggest players in French winemaking, due to its size and level of activity. To reach this degree of development the company built the Wolfberger brand, recognized today whenever one speaks of wine, crémants and eaux-de-vie of Alsace.

  • 142 employees
  • 420 member winegrowers
  • 13,000 grassy parcels
  • 90 kms of vineyards reaching from the north to the south of Alsace
  • 15 prestigious Grands Crus
  • 1,200 hectares (just under 3000 acres) of vineyards
  • €58 million in turnover
  • 300 select vats
  • 6 shops
  • A 150,000-hectoliter wine press
  • Present in 50 countries on all five continents

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6 Grand'Rue 68420 Eguisheim France


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