Wolfberger Crémants d’Alsace

The fine, light bubbles of the Crémants make these sparkling wines perfect companions to any festivity.

The Wolfberger range is also offered in sophisticated sparkling wines. Produced according to the traditional method defined by the Appellation d’Origines Contrôlées (AOC) Crémant d’Alsace, these effervescents are made with five varietals of the Alsace valley region to which is added the Chardonnay grape. The fine, light bubbles of the Crémants make these sparkling wines perfect companions to any festivity.

Wines of noble heritage made strictly by the book

Such as Champagne, we generally speak of Alsace Crémant in the singular, but it would be more appropriate to talk about them in the plural, Alsace Crémants, as they are so multi-faceted and are present in so much varieties. The Alsace Crémants are made from Alsatian varietals, either alone or blended. Classically, the Alsace Crémant is made from Pinot Blanc. Riesling brings lively, fruity notes, the Pinot Gris richness and good structure. The Alsace Crémant Rosé is made from the Pinot Noir, also used to make the Blanc de Noirs, which is white. Always made from the varietals classed AOC Crémant d’Alsace, the Crémant grapes are harvested before the other grapes in order to take advantage of their best balance and harmony. Produced according to the methode traditionnelle, Alsace Crémants are racked in a nearly inverted position where they age patiently. Then, after 12 months minimum, they are riddled or turned so that the sediment collects in the neck of the bottles, awaiting disgorgement.


The multi-talented Alsace Crémants

Their diversity allows all the Alsace Crémants to be part to good times had by all. The Alsace Crémant is the celebration wine par excellence. Its weightless bubbles personify the essence of friendship, but the intimacy of a tête-à-tête, too. They triumph as an aperitif, alone or with appetizers; they are deliciousat the dinner table, particularly with seafood, salmon, shellfish, white meat and game, and harmoniously adapt to most desserts, majestically crowning a meal. They are pleasant young, but can also age in the cellar or your reserve for several years , and should be served well-chilled, between 5° and 7° C (40° to 45°F) in order to reveal all the taste of its delicate flavour and aroma.


Since the end of the 19th century, Alsace rich vineyards have been producing sparkling wines made in the methode traditionelle. Since its recognition as an AOC August 24th 1976, the Alsace Crémant has gained in fame, thanks to the originality and inimitable personality of the seven Alsatian varietals.

What makes Wolfberger sparkling wines special?

Made according to legislation concerning the Alsace sparkling wines, Wolfberger differs from others with an aging period decidedly longer than 12 months:

  • Traditional vintages : minimum 16 months aging, with up to 24 months for the Vieilles Vignes or Old Vines.
  • Specialties : minimum 18 months aging for the single-varietal sparkling wines, and aged up to 36 months for the Crémant Prestige. The additional time is a mark of quality, as it gives extra smoothness and balance to the sparkling wine.
  • For the organic sparkling wines, a special characteristic in addition to being organic is a qualitative differentiation seen in its price, which is slightly higher than the classic Brut, or dry. In fact, it’s better value for money. For the organic wines winemaking, WOLFBERGER winemaker uses only the highest quality juice from the first pressing, and the tails from the second pressing are used in other blends.

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