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Our oenologists

His palate never deceives him! An unrivaled taster, technician and magician, the oenologist supervises all the stages of wine production.

The role of the oenologist at Wolfberger

His palate never deceives him! An unrivaled taster, technician and magician, the oenologist supervises all the stages of wine production, from the vine to the table. His creed: quality.

Advising the winegrowers

In order to improve the quality of our wines, the oenology department at Wolfberger is made up of an expert, passionate team of oenologists. They advise the Winery’s viticulturists on the best way to grow the grapes, which variety to choose, the terroir…Our oenologists also oversee the harvest.

Supervising the vinification

The enologist also directs all the steps of vinification (wine elaboration) or distilling (making alcohol). He decides on the conservation, the blending, the growing and the bottling. To evaluate the quality of a wine and correct, if necessary, its faults, he does analyses. Also an expert in tasting, he regularly tries the Alsace wines as they mature.


A scientist…

Of all the professionals in the wine business, the oenologist is the one who has the broadest scientific background. He has to have a good knowledge of biochemistry, wine biology, chemical analysis and microbiological techniques of vinification


…rigorous and vigilant…

The profession demands a high degree of rigor, skill in conducting analyses and a vigilant attitude, indispensable qualities for supervising the production of a wine, identifying a fault or an eventual problem of elaboration and finding the initial cause.


…who can keep a cool head

The oenologist may be in charge of the production of several thousand to several million bottles of wine, depending on what he has been given. He has a big responsibility on his shoulders, one that requires a cool head and a good understanding of the market, the trends and consumer expectations…at the nose and on the palate.


But the oenologist is always an ace at tasting. More than just a simple wine lover, he is passionate about it.


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