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The Wolfberger Winery is one of the biggest players in French winemaking, due to its size and level of activity.

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The Wolfberger Winery is one of the biggest players in French winemaking, due to its size and level of activity. To reach this degree of development the company built the Wolfberger brand, recognized today whenever one speaks of wine, crémants and eaux-de-vie of Alsace.

A word from the president

“Our cooperative winery is led by a brand that is far more than just a name. Ambassador of the Alsace terroir, the name Wolfberger is a standard our winegrowers are proud of.”

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The vision of the CEO

“Knowing how to combine tradition and innovation for over a century, our cooperative – recognized under the name of Wolfberger – has always figured among the precursors who inspired the rapid development of the Alsatian vineyards. The spirit of those pioneers is with us today as we head towards the future.”
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Wolfberger’s Values & Standards

They appear at all levels of the company:

  • Innovation and quality according to our traditions
  • Ethical treatment of humankind (employees, customers, etc.)
  • Fair use of our land resources
  • Highest possible respect for the environment

Wolfberger’s history shows constant evolution in the form of new winegrower memberships. Founded in Eguisheim, near Colmar, Wolfberger is today equally divided between the Bas-Rhin and the Haut-Rhin, due to the wine press and the cellars at Dambach-la-Ville and to the fact that half of the member winegrowers come from the Bas-Rhin. The Wolfberger activities are: vinification, distillation, bottling, packaging, delivery and marketing of its products.

Wolfberger today

  • 136 employees
  • 450 member winegrowers
  • 13000 grassy parcels
  • 90 kms of vineyards reaching from the north to the south of Alsace
  • 15 prestigious Grands Crus
  • 1200 hectares (just under 3000 acres) of vineyards
  • €56 million in turnover
  • 300 select vats
  • 13 million bottles of Alsace wine, Grands Crus, specialities and exclusivities, crémants and eaux-de-vie
  • 6 boutiques
  • A 150,000-hectoliter wine press

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6 Grand'Rue 68420 Eguisheim France


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