“Double pass” method

This method called "double pass" is based on two distillations to refine our Eaux-de-Vie.

The fruit mash is distilled in a traditional copper still. Two distillations are done to transform the mash into Eaux-de-Vie (brandy). The mash is loaded into the pot at the base of the still and then heated to boiling. The aromatic alcohol vapors, lighter than the water vapor, rise and pass through the swan’s neck before moving into the condenser where a copper coil is submerged in freezing-cold water and where the vapors turn into liquid again. During this first distilling, all the alcohol present in the mash is recovered. This resulting liquid (called brouillis) has an alcohol content of 15% to 30%.


The second distillation or “bonne chauffe” has three parts:

  • The heads: arriving in the first minutes of the distillation, they are then discarded.
  • The hearts: this part concentrates the rich aromas of the fruit and brings the alcohol content to between 58% and 65%. They will be pumped into vats for aging.
  • The tails: coming at the very end of the distillation, they will be redistilled with the next heating.

The advantage of this technique is to refine our Eaux-de-Vie and guarantee better aging.

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