“One pass” distilling method

This method called "one pass" consists of distilling only once.

This is a technique that consists of slowly heating fruit mash in order to release the vapors, which then rise along the column of the still and pass through different separating plates. The steam continues its route through the swan’s neck into a water-cooled condenser, turning the vapors into liquid.


From there you can see the Eaux-de-Vie (brandy) dripping slowly. The distiller first separates the “head”, then the “heart” and finally the “tail”. Only the heart is kept to get our Eaux-de-Vie so deeply rich in aromas. The product is then transferred to our vats for aging.


The head is discarded, but the tail will be used in the next heating in order to get as much of the alcohol‘s aroma as possible. This operation concentrates the perfumes of our Eaux-de-Vie to the maximum.

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Drinking alcohol can damage your health. Consume with moderation.