Alsace Grand Cru Pfingstberg

This terroir was donated in 1299 by Knight Richard of Epfig.

Around 1299, Knight Richard of Epfig made a donation to the Unterlinden convent : a terroir that would become the Pfingstberg Grand Cru. The hills of the Pfingstberg touch the small valley where the village of Orschwihr nestles. The atypical terroir makes this Grand Cru a real rarity: the sub-soil is chalky sandstone and mica sandstone; under that is a clay sandstone texture. You can see terracing of the vineyards because of the hillside’s steep slope. This geological configuration perfectly suits varieties such as the Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Gris or Muscat. The wines provide a typicity with very floral fragrances that are even more pronounced after years of aging.


Our Alsace Grand Cru Pfingstberg Wolfberger comes in two varieties, PINOT GRIS and RIESLING.


Did you know?

This Grand Cru carries the name of the mountain on which it’s found. The ancient reputation of the Pfingstberg dates back to 1299, with a donation from Knight Richard of Epfig to the Unterlinden convent under the name “Phinisberge.” According to legend, witches would come to the area disguised as charming innkeepers lying in wait for visitors that they would then whisk away, with the help of their delicious white wines.

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