The Vendanges tardives trilogy

In 2014, Wolfberger created a beautiful setting to spotlight these nectars.

Inspired by the plant and the vine

The ideal gift for discovering one of the main specialties of Alsace, the trilogy of Wolfberger Vendanges Tardives presents each one of the noble varietals – Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer – in a chic and sophisticated coffer. Inspired by the plant and the vine, the Vendanges Tardives trilogy refines these exceptional wines by reinterpreting the over-ripe grape, characterized by light flakes evoking the harvest time, often a snowy period.


What makes the range special

Represented by their initials PG (Pinot Gris), G (Gewurztraminer) and R (Riesling) visible when the case is closed, the noble varietals can be seen once it’s opened, in scrolls delicately engraved in wood. Open, the container reveals the famous form of the Alsace wine bottle, called the flûte alsacienne, wearing the tiara of the winery. It’s the guarantee of a Wolfberger Grand Vin, a bottle of festive wine, potent and expressive, recalling the magic of Christmas in Alsace…To offer alone, by two or by three, these gift boxes form the most epicurean collection to offer as gifts for wine connaisseurs as well as lovers of all good things.

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