Old Vines Wines

The wines of Alsace Old Vines provide some of the finest tasting experiences.

What makes this range special

The minimum age required to be referred to as an “old vine” is 25.. But this requirement isn’t sufficiently demanding for Wolfberger, because we oblige ourselves to make a strict quality selection that has us validating only 70-80% of the vineyards’ potential. The numerous awards given this range of Alsace wines each year are testimony to our work.


The patrimony of our vineyards

The wines of the Alsace Vieilles Vignes provide some of the finest, most intense and elegant tasting experiences. These vines are a page out of our history. They benefit from meticulous vinification at controlled and regulated temperatures, allowing our cellar master to develop all the rich aromas. They make for perfect food pairings.


Our Wolfberger Vieilles Vignes wines come in four varietals: SYLVANER, RIESLING, PINOT GRIS AND GEWURZTRAMINER.

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